Bollywood stars get rid of their partners, hold them in front of the camera, and know who showed how happy they are.

Many Bollywood actors married each other. At the same time, these artists have become famous as the favorite couples of their fans. Many actors in the film industry have married actresses with whom they work. At the same time, there are some who have chosen businessmen or fashion designers as their wives. But the only thing common among these artists is that many of these people have been divorced.

Recently actors Suhail Khan and Seema Sahadeh got divorced. After this, the names of many artists came in the discussion. Today in this article we will tell you about many such artists, whose many pictures spread after their divorce. At the same time, in those pictures you can see how these artists feel after divorce.

If we talk about the divorce of the newly divorced couple ie Suhail Khan and Seema Sahadeh, then both of them went out separately after getting divorced in the family court. While Seema covered her face with a mask and glasses, Suhail was also seen covering his face. But seeing both of them, he looked very upset.

Meanwhile, Suhail Khan’s elder brother Arbaaz Khan also divorced his wife Maleka Arora. Shortly after the divorce, these representatives were seen meeting outside the family court. During this, Malaika was wearing glasses. So there, Arbaaz seemed somewhat disappointed.

When actress Karisma Kapoor divorced her husband too, she was seen alone outside the court house. During this, Kapoor’s charisma appeared very angry. Which was clearly visible on his face.

Actor Hrithek Roshan divorced his wife Sussanne Khan a few years back. Both walked out of court together. Both the actors seemed very calm and upset. Let us tell you, even after the divorce, there is a good relationship between the two.

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