Brahmins were reciting mantras at the wedding when the bride fell asleep, the groom shook her leg vigorously and then… watch video…

Many videos regarding marriage are going viral on the internet. Many videos have some laugh-out-loud moments. So many such incidents also happen which are disturbing as well. Apart from this there are many videos of Jahojlali in marriage. Viewers also like to see funny moments of marriage.

You must have seen the joke of the bride and groom in many videos. Although marriage is a happy occasion, but to make this event suitable and full of happiness, a lot of running has to be done. The bride and groom especially get very tired on this occasion, as they have to participate in all the rituals and do not get enough sleep.

dulhan sleeping on wedding

Now such a video has surfaced in which a girl has been caught sleeping in her own marriage. It is seen in the viral video that the bride and groom are sitting inside the wedding and the Brahmin is chanting. Meanwhile, someone shoots a video and shows the bride, who falls asleep sitting with her hand on her cheek.

dulhan sleeping on wedding

Only then the bridegroom shakes the bride’s feet properly and the bride wakes up, after which she realizes that she had fallen asleep. Meanwhile the person taking the video sees them and smiles. Kanyani’s performance is now winning the hearts of social media users and this is the reason why millions of people have watched this video till now.

Fans are also reacting to this video in different ways. A viewer wrote in the comment – ​​The girl’s smile is beautiful in the end. Another user asked – Is marriage important or gold for you? Apart from this, many people shared laughing smileys.


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