Chunky Pandey’s daughter has started liking this boy, different late night pictures of both of them surfaced

Who does not know Chunky Pandey in today’s time and this is why Chunky Pandey has been a very big and well-known actor of Bollywood and even today he has maintained his big name by giving hit superhit films in Bollywood. Chunky Pandey has ruled Bollywood in his survey and even today I have no shortage of his fans. This is because Chunky Pandey is one of those Bollywood actors who have also given films to Bollywood, which people have liked very much and have received a lot of love from the people too.

At present, Chunky Pandey is making a lot of headlines in social media because of his daughter Ananya Pandey and he remains a topic of discussion. This is because recently it has come to the fore about Ananya that she has started liking a girl and both of them have different types of late night pictures also spreading very fast in the media. Let us tell you about Ananya Pandey and who is this boy further in this article and also tell in detail about these pictures.

Ananya Pandey started liking this boy, both spend time together till late night

Ananya Pandey has a huge name in the whole of Bollywood in today’s time and everyone likes her very much. This is because Ananya has had a very good Bollywood career so far and she has made a very good identity in Bollywood in a short time. Ananya Pandey has entered Bollywood 4 years back and her first film was titled Student Of The Year Two.

At present, Ananya Pandey is making a lot of headlines in the social media and this is because recently the picture of her and a boy or we say that different types of pictures of her and a boy has spread very fast in the media, due to which Everyone likes to talk about him. The name of the girl who is talking here is Vijay Diverkonda and she is a very big and well known actor of South. Further in this article, we will tell you why it is being said that Ananya and Vijay like each other and why this is being said about these pictures of both.

Ananya has started liking Vijay Diverkonda, different types of pictures of both also spread in the media

After reading the article so far, all of you have understood that Ananya Pandey and South’s actor Vijay Diverkonda are being discussed in the entire media and this is because recently both of them have a different picture late at night. has come to the fore. Talking about the pictures, it is seen in the pictures that Ananya and Vijay are leaving the restaurant after having dinner late at night and both have been seen together many times. Let us tell you that a film of both is also coming.

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