CM Arvind Kejriwal Appealed regarding plasma Black marketing.

On Thursday Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Appealed to deny the purchase of plasma in Black Marketing.

From the Starting week of February 2020 India has started it’s fighting against COVID-19. To overcome this virus, our scientist doctors researcher and many more other people are finding a way. People have come up with several solutions. But nothing is working properly among them one solution is plasma therapy, but it is applicable to some conditions. In that person’s body is satisfying that condition, so plasma therapy could work. It is not universal therapy, still, people are finding universal therapy.

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On Wednesday INDIA TODAY has revealed that plasma Black Marketing is also taken place in the market. They reveled this by one of their sting operations. In reply to this CM Arvind Kejriwal has said, “I will probe on why plasma is being bought from black market”. CM has referred that there is 500 units of Plasma is Available in plasma bank.

Plasma bank has been established in New Delhi during COVID -19 for support in a pandemic situation. Now the second plasma bank has also started in New Delhi and the government is appealing for plasma donation from the people. So, he is suggesting to collect plasma from a plasma bank and not from the market.

In exchange for plasma, people are demanding for mouth-watering charges. But for the dear ones people are ready for those charges. Some people are charging up-to 5laksRs for the plasma. So as the need enhances Black marketing has also taken place. CM Kejriwal is also making people aware of this black marketing. He said,” We are giving free plasma to people.

We have more than 500 plasma samples as stock in Hospital. What is the need of selling and buying plasma if the government is providing plasma for free? People do not need to buy plasma because all, plasma blood groups are available there”.   

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