Comedian Bharti Singh has been forced to make fun of religion costly, and now she has to apologize – Gazab Fact

Comedian Bharkar Singh, who is known as the queen of laughter in India, is very famous. Recruitment was making people laugh by doing comedy for a long time. He played all kinds of characters in comedy from boy to child. The standard of his acting and comedy is very high. At the same time, recruitment is one of the most active artists. Recently a video of him went viral. Because of this trolling was done. This time too a video about him has gone viral. Yasmin Bhasin’s name also comes up.

Let us tell you that the recently posted video was shared with the official Instagram handle of Laughter Queen. Actually, Bharti Singh was seen with TV actress Jasmin Bhasin during the show in the past. The recruit also wore a beard and mustache during the show. Talking about his collection, recruiters start presenting comedy. She says how much benefit people with beard and mustache. After drinking milk and putting the beard in the mouth, it will taste like vermicelli. Also he jokingly said that some of his friends do this.

This video of comedian Bharti Singh went viral 3-4 days ago. Which have often been trolled by users. After watching the video, people say that Bharti makes fun of ‘Singh Dharma’. She makes fun of the big beard of Assad’s people. Along with this, a request was also made to put him in jail. Because of this, recruitment is constantly in the headlines for the last few days. After this, he has shared a video apologizing. In the Wired video, Rani apologizes for laughing out loud.

Let us tell you that Bharti Singh was seen talking completely to Punjabi during this time. The comedian says that he always jokes. They don’t want to hurt anyone. At the same time, the recruit said that he has not made fun of any religion, so people of any religion should not take his old videos seriously. She also appeals to watch the viral video and says that she has not mentioned any religion. Along with this, he is seen apologizing for everything. The recruit also says that she is also from Punjab, so she will never leave Punjab name.

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