Daughter’s elder sister looks like Ananya Pandey’s mother, Malaika also gave competition in style!

Ananya Pandey’s mother’s name and Chunky Pandey’s wife’s name is Bhavna Pandey, the actress’s mother is no less than a star. Even at this age, Bhavna Pandey has taken care of herself. Despite being the mother of two daughters, there is no dearth of emotional beauty.

Bhavna and Chunky were dating for almost 2 years after which they decided to get married. Emotion was in a good house, her family wanted her to marry a stable boy but they did not leave Chunky. Bhawna married Chunky Pandey in 1998 and they have two children. Ananya Pandey is pursuing a career in films like her father, while her younger sister Risa Pandey is still in school.

People do not know much about Bhavna Pandey. Chunky Pandey’s wife Bhavna is not only away from films but also from limelight. People came to know about Bhavna Pandey only after the release of the series ‘Bollywood Wives’ and now people want to know more about her.

Emotion explains her positivity as the reason for her marriage to Chunky. The way Chunky kept the emotion happy even in bad times and always took care of them like a good partner. This is the reason why Chunky Pandey has never left emotion. Today Bhavna herself is also a businesswoman. Bhavna Pandey works in costume design with her friends and is a well-known costume designer.

Looking at some throwback photos of Bhavna Pandey, it is clear that she is no less than any Bollywood actress in terms of style. Bhavna may not have become an actress but her beauty is no less than any other beauty in Bollywood.

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