Debutante Tusharr Khanna’s Dream Debut Unfolds in Starfish

Debutante Tusharr Khanna's Dream Debut Unfolds in Starfish

Making a striking entry into the world of cinema, actor Tusharr Khanna is set to make his debut with the much-anticipated film, “Starfish.” The actor, who graced the trailer launch event alongside co-stars Khushalii Kumar, Milind Soman, Ehan Bhat, and filmmaker Akhilesh Jaiswal, expressed his elation at working with a prestigious banner and an incredible ensemble cast.


Reflecting on his debut and the experience of working with established actors, Tusharr Khanna shared, “Top of the world, right? I am working with such great actors and a banner like T-series. It's like a dream come true kind of moment for me. Akhilesh is an amazing director; they let me do whatever I wanted. As an actor, I got a lot of freedom. For my debut film, I got to work with Milind Soman, whom I grew up watching. He is the most beautiful man in the world.”


The debutante continued to express his gratitude for the warm reception from the cast, stating, “Khushalii Kumar, Ehan Bhatt, Milind Soman, and everyone else were very welcoming. They are very humble and sweet, and the way they treated me on sets was amazing. They didn’t bully me because it is my first time; they treated me like an equal.”


“Starfish” promises to transport viewers into a magical world filled with euphoria and love while hinting at the characters' past demons. The film, based on the best-selling book 'Starfish Pickle' by Bina Nayak, unfolds the story of Tara, a skilled commercial diver who defies social conventions and confronts her past.


Produced by T-Series and Almighty Motion Picture, “Starfish” is slated to release on November 24, 2023. As Tusharr Khanna takes his first steps into the cinematic realm, audiences can anticipate a mesmerizing performance and the unfolding of a dream debut that marks the beginning of an exciting journey in the world of Indian cinema.

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