Deepika Padukone told the truth after years, and said – In this film, I was forcibly dressed in a comfy dress so that the hero would be with me.

Actress Deepika Padukone, who started her acting career in a small role in 2006, made her first major role in the 2007 film “Om Shanti Om”. He did wonders on screen by representing him. This film has got a lot of support and now she has become one of the most beautiful and successful actresses of Bollywood. Deepika has experienced many ups and downs in her career. However, he did not stop working hard and achieved his goals. Recently, his revelations have made a lot of headlines.

Viral searches lead Deepika to talk about how the actress deliberately wears a lot of short and short dresses. This time the fashion designer himself revealed. This disclosure is linked to his 2012 film Cocktail. While her co-stars wore casual clothes, Deepika’s clothes were all humiliated. Fans also get a lot of feedback on this viral detection.

Let us tell you that “Cocktail” was directed by famous director Homi Adajania. At the same time, all the clothes used in this film were designed by his wife and famous designer Anita Sharouf Adajania. In his revelations, he told that all the characters working in the film had got clothes according to their roles. Deepika Padukone’s role in that film was moody, nostalgic and compulsive. So he designed similar clothes for them. That were a small set up. The actress was named “Veronica” in the film. It succeeds in making itself attractive. At the same time, she also has a sense of fashion, so these clothes were chosen for Vironica aka Deepika.

According to the film, Veronica loved to flaunt her body. His co-star was Diana Pinty. Who played the character of Meera. Meera is a very simple girl who comes to London from Delhi in Indian clothes. Then with time you start wearing western clothes too. Meera was very shy and did not like showing off her body at all. So was her appearance, which gave a bit of a conservative touch.

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