Did Neto Singh tell the whole truth with wet eyes, not after Ranbir’s marriage?

It has been a long time since Bollywood veteran Rishi Kapoor left this world. But still his fans did not forget him. A sample of this was recently seen on stage at Dance Deewane Juniors Theatre. People remember him and get emotional. At the same time, tears filled the eyes of his wife Neto Kapoor. Currently his video is online. That people interact with different types of reactions.

In fact, a contestant’s grandmother on stage told her and her husband that she and her husband had met veteran actor Rishi Kapoor in 1974. She says that Rishi Kapoor helped her husband a lot. She then sings the song “Long Separation”, which remembers the late actor Rishi. The song evokes all the emotions of Neto Kapoor and makes tears flow. At the same time, everyone’s eyes get wet in the show.


She then tells Neto that she and Richie have a special relationship. It is going to be two years for him to leave this world. But even in this time, every day someone talks to them and reminds them. At the same time, the actress also says that everyone has a story with Rishi. Everyone is connected to them. Everyone remembers him with pleasure. Karan Kundrra says that some people make a place in hearts and some people like Rishi ji become hearts themselves. On hearing this, a small smile comes on Neto Kapoor’s face.

Let us tell you that Rishi Kapoor was fighting leukemia. He fought against this disease for two years. But finally in 2020, he lost this battle and left this world forever and ever. This shook Kapoor’s family and loved ones. Let us inform that late Rishi Kapoor’s latest film Sharma Ji Namkin was released recently. Which brought the actor into the limelight as usual. People gave a lot of love to this last film for the actor.

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