Digha to PMCH Ganga route will start on this day, after which there will be major changes in the transport system near Gandhi Maidan.

After June 11, new options will be available for the important Ashok Rajpath route in the capital Patna. Ganga Path will be opened for transport between Digha to PMCH. However, work is going on to extend Gangapath to Patna city. We would like to inform you that with the commissioning of Ganga Path from Digha to PMCH, there has been a major change in the transport system near Golghar, Digha, Gandhi Maidan and PMCH. Vehicles will be able to take a U-turn near the intersection. This work will be completed by Path Vikas Mahamandal before the inauguration of Gangapath. Ganga Path is connected to AIIMS Elevated Road, JP Setu, Danapur and Atal Path.

Let us tell you that after June 11, transport facility will be available from Ganga Path to non-stop Gandhi Maidan and PMCH. Earlier, minor changes were made in the transport system of the city. At the same time, DM Dr. Chandrashekhar Singh, SSP Manavjit Singh Dhillon have taken stock of the road along with Traffic SP. If you want to go to PMCH, Patna Junction, Kankarbagh, Digha, JP Setu to North Bihar, AIIMS or Atal Path, you can take a U-turn near Golghar and take the Ganga route. Golghar Tirahe will be developed for U-turn due to the secret office of DM, Divisional Commissioner’s office at Ashok Rajpath near NN Sinha Institute.

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The divider in front of the secret office of DM, Commissioner’s Office Bankipur Girls School will be closed. There will be one-way transportation from AN Sinha Sansthan to Golghar. From Danapur, it will take a U-turn from Children Park to Divisional Office, Secret Office of DM, Golghar and Lodipur. PMCH can connect with Ganga Pathveshi on June 11. However, due to the influx of doctors, patients and general public from Ganga Pathway to PMCH road, there is a possibility of increase in the number of patients due to jam in the hospital premises.

On Wednesday, the officials of Additional Chief Secretary Road Construction Pratyay Amrit, who arrived to inspect the new building of Indira Gandhi Heart Institute, expressed concern. He appealed to ban the common man. The Additional Chief Secretary has assured to resolve the matter. PMCH Principal Dr. Vidyapati Choudhary and Superintendent Dr. IS Thakur told the Additional Chief Secretary that after the work starts on the elevated road at Ashok Rajpath, the traffic jam will continue. In such a situation, patients, doctors and staff have to face a lot of trouble. Therefore, only ambulances and vehicles of doctors or staff can come from there.

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