Drive My Car Movie Story, Plot, Summary and Ending Explained: The Japanese film ‘Drive in My Car’ has won the Best International Film crown at the Oscars 2022 (Oscars 2022). The story of this film is being praised a lot. Know everything about this film.

Drive My Car Movie Story, Plot, Summary and Ending Explained: The Japanese film ‘Drive in My Car’ has won the Best International Film crown at the Oscars 2022 (Oscars 2022). The story of this film is being praised a lot. Know everything about this film.

In the Oscar Awards 2022 (Oscars 2022), the Hollywood film ‘Dune’ may have won the maximum number of 6 awards. But the Japanese film ‘Drive My Car’ is also in the discussions. Drive in My Car, which won the award for Best International Film, is based on a short story by popular writer Haruki Murakami. Directed by Yusuke Hamaguchi, the film won the award after beating Denmark’s ‘Flea’, Italy’s ‘The Hand of God’, Bhutan’s ‘Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom’ and Norway’s ‘The Worst Person in the World’. has done. This is the same category of international film, about which we Indians are also most curious. In this category, our Tamil film ‘Pebbles’ lagged behind in the race. Obviously, in such a situation, everyone’s interest is definitely in the fact that after all, what is so special about ‘Drive My Car’ that it has been considered as the best international film.

Drive My Car Plot Summary
‘Drive My Car’ premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on 11 July 2021. It was later released in Japan on 20 August 2021. Yusuke Kafuku (Nishijima), a famous theater artist and director, is at the center of the story of this 179-minute film. His wife has died. Two years after his wife’s sudden death, he receives an offer to direct Anton Chekhov’s play Uncle Vanya at a theater festival in Hiroshima. There, he meets a girl named Misaki Watari (Miura) and from there his life changes. ‘Drive My Car’ is the second Japanese film to be nominated in the highest category after Akira Kurosawa’s ‘Rain’ (1985) in 1985. The film has previously received ‘Golden Globe’ and ‘BAFTA’ awards.

How to watch Drive My Car movie | How to watch Drive My Car Movie
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What is the story of Drive My Car | Drive My Car Story
Theater actor and director Yusuke Kafuku married Otto, a screenwriter. Otto tells Yusuke his story during sex one day. After watching her husband’s performance in ‘Waiting for Godot’, Otto introduces Yusuke to her friend and young actor Koji Takatsuki. One day when Yusuke returns home early from work, he finds his wife in a sexual relationship with a boy. Maybe that guy is Takatsuki. He breaks down, but quietly leaves from there. Then one day when Yusuke is leaving the house for work, Otto tells him that she wants to talk to him. When Yukuke returns home that night, he finds that Otto has died of a brain hemorrhage. Yusuke has a breakdown during a theater performance after his funeral. He is unable to complete the show.

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The story moves forward two years. Yusuke now lives in Hiroshima. He is going to direct a play by Uncle Vanya there. Yusuke casts Koji Takatsuki in his play, whose career is on a downturn due to ill-treatment. Given Yukuke’s condition and concerns, the theater company wants him not to drive the car himself and hire a driver. He opposes it at first, but then a lady driver, Misaki, comes into his life.


One night Yusuke and Koji meet at a bar. There Koji tells him that he was in love with his wife, Otto. But it also says that it was not two-sided love. A bond is formed between Yusuke and Misaki as they move from place to place in the car. Yusuke tells him about his wife and daughter, who would be Misaki’s age if she was alive. Misaki tells him about her mother, who died in an earthquake five years earlier. There is also an injury mark on his left cheek in this accident.

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Yusuke and Koji are sitting at the bar again. Yusuke says that Koji lacks self-control. Meanwhile, Koji’s eyes fall on a person who was secretly taking his pictures. He follows her. Both also have a scuffle. On his return home, Yusuke tells Koji that he knew about his wife’s affairs, but was afraid that he would lose her. That’s why kept quiet. Koji also shares Otto’s tales with him. These were things Yusuke didn’t know. A few days later, the police arrive at a rehearsal and arrest Koji. Police say that the photographer Koji, who was assaulted, suffered serious injuries that day and is dead. The makers of the play Yusuke says that now he has only two options. Either he himself plays the role of Koji in that play or else he stops working on the play.


Yusuke then tells Misaki that he wants to go to her childhood home in Hokkaido. During this road trip, Misaki reveals that she could have saved her mother in the mud slide, but she didn’t because she treated him badly. During this, Yusuke also made a disclosure. He said that he too could have saved his wife, Otto, had he returned home that evening and talked to her about what she wanted to do. The two reach Misaki’s childhood home. There are now only remnants left. Both are emotional, both comfort each other and then return to Hiroshima. There Yusuke plays a role in the drama. It’s a very emotional performance in front of a live audience, which includes Misaki.

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The present moment is shown at the end of the film. Misaki is shopping for groceries in Korea and gets into Yusuke’s car. There is a dog sitting in the back seat. Misaki removes her mask and says that the mark on her cheek is almost gone. The car then moves forward. The End.


Drive My Car: Bewafa Patni, Theater Artist Aur Woh Ladki… Aisi Hai Oscar Best International Film

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