During the shooting of the film, the veteran actor was going to be a victim of the accident, if he was late even for 1 second, he would have lost his life, watch live video

Many accidents happen across the country and many accidents are such that they happen in the blink of an eye and someone’s life is lost. Like the common man, celebs are often victims of accidents. During the shooting of the film, such incidents often happen that even the life of the artist is in danger. Then as soon as his video comes out, the fans also get confused. Scroll down to watch the video…

Recently one such incident happened with Tamil film superstar Vishal Krishna Reddy. He has shared a video of this incident on his Twitter handle. Which is done during the shooting of ‘Mark Antony’. It is clearly visible in this video that a big accident happened with the actor on the sets of the film. Scroll down to watch the video…

Sharing the video with fans, Vishal wrote, ‘God saved my life by a few seconds and a few inches. God thank you very much. I am in shock from the incident and am now back on my feet and shooting. It can be clearly seen in this video that the shooting of the film ‘Mark Antony’ is going on. The entire cast and crew are busy shooting on the sets. Scroll down to watch the video…

A truck was also being used in this fight sequence, which had to stand by breaking the wall. But suddenly the truck lost its balance and started speeding towards the place where Vishal was also there. Seeing the truck going out of control, there was a stampede on the set. This video of Vishal is becoming increasingly viral. Along with this, the fans are also praying for the health of the actor.


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