Even after marriage, Ankita is not able to find her husband’s happiness in bed, as the actress’s pain said – When I am at night…

Ankita Lokhandi has made her mark everywhere from small screen to Bollywood. Fans are convinced of her acting and her beauty. Famous actress Bawetra Richta Ankita also made some Bollywood films during this time. He has also been seen in many popular shows. Let us tell you that in the past, the actress married her old boyfriend Vicky Jane. The marriage of both was largely discussed. Actress Vicky Jane’s husband is a businessman by profession. Both love each other very much. Recently Ankita had revealed her marriage.

Let us tell you that actress Ankita Lokhandi has been seen talking about her marriage many times. During this he also made many discoveries. This time too the actress has given a statement. In which she spoke openly about her relationship with her husband Vicky Jane. At the same time, they also say what they want in life and what bothers them a lot during the day time. This revealing actress is very much loved by the fans.

In the viral revelations, Ankita has revealed that Vicky used to live with her earlier. But his work in Belaspur. So he has to stay away from Ankita in Pilaspur. Before marriage, Vicky used to come to meet her and used to go together. But now after marriage it has become difficult to get them. In such a situation, the actress misses her husband a lot, but due to work, she cannot even go to meet him. Ankita said that it had become very difficult for the two to maintain the relationship for a long time. The actress said that she wants to be with him several times a day, but it does not happen.

He was very dedicated to his work. he loves his job. But when she goes home after leaving work, Vicky wants to spend time with her. At the same time, Ankita told that at night she wanted to sleep with her head on Vicky’s shoulder. Ankita said that she wants everything in life. For them both profession and partner are same.

Vicky came at the right time of his life and married her. The actress said that if we want anything with a real heart, we get it, as she did. He is very happy in his married life, but at this time he misses Vicky.

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