Even after marriage, Kapil Sharma does not desist from his antics and now he does so abroad.

Kapil Sharma became the uncrowned king of the world of comedy. Wherever he goes, he makes people laugh with his witty style. On the other hand, Kapil is often seen flirting with girls. But this time it was difficult for him to do so. That’s because Capel did something like this to a girl. Because of this he had to be publicly slapped. This video of him is spreading fast online at this time. This blows people’s senses. People put their insignia on it.

In the viral video, Kapil can be seen flirting with a girl and offering her a lift. Then go and sit in the automatic car parked next to it. But because they don’t come to drive, they sometimes turn on the scanner, sometimes remove the roof. Capel tries to drive when his wife, Sumona Chakraborty, arrives and starts asking different questions. However, nothing is heard as the glass is closed. Then when I asked the girl who is she? Kapil Sharma calls Sumona a beggar and comes out and says that he wants to give money.

Meanwhile, the girl listens to Sumona and Kabel. Somona tells Kapil that she was not ashamed to sit in the car with another girl while being a wife. Then the girl’s mercury rises. At the same time, Somona also tells that this car is also not a cabal car. What happened then, the girl angrily moves forward and slaps Keppel on the cheek. After all, the video ends here.

Let us tell you that Kapil himself has shared this video from his official Instagram page. In whose caption he wrote, ‘When you cheat. In addition, he has developed several labels in Dubai and Comedy. His post shows that Kapil has made this video for comedy according to his career. Anyone loves a lot right now. Even the reactions of common people to all the celebrities also come on the video. Everyone praises Kapil and the rest of the people seen in the video for their acting and comedy series.

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