Even after marriage, Katrina Kaif feels the lack of this special person, said – I have suffered a lot due to his absence….

Actress Katrina Kaif, who has made people swoon with her style, is known for her superb acting and beauty. Katrina entered the industry with the film Boom but the film was a superflop. After this he chose the right role and slowly made everyone his fan with his acting. In the early stages of his career, he also had trouble speaking Hindi, but he quickly removed his shortcoming. Katrina is considered one of the top actresses in the industry today.

Not only in acting but also in terms of beauty, she competes with everyone. Her beauty and lovely smile steals everyone’s heart. Apart from veteran actors like Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir, Katrina has worked with many actors like Ranbir, Emraan. Katrina often talks about her heart openly in front of the world and fans like her style a lot. Recently, Katrina also talked about family planning.

Katrina still feels the loss of her father

In the year 2019, Katrina Kaif had told in an interview that she has everything in life but she feels the lack of a special person very much. Katrina had told that she had seen her parents separated, due to which she always felt the lack of a father figure in her life. He said that the absence of a father in life gives birth to zero. Girls feel insecure. Katrina said that when I have children, I would like them to get the love of both parents.

Katrina was also asked whether any special incident happened to her due to lack of father in life. In response, Katrina said that she had to struggle emotionally. Katrina said that we get a strength when we are with the father. He is such a person who loves us unconditionally. Let us tell you that Katrina is sold to Mohammad Kaif and her parents got separated when she was young.

Married with Vicky Kaushal

Katrina always felt the lack of a father in her life, so she always wanted to marry a person who could overcome this lack in her life. Also, whenever they have children, their children should not feel this deficiency. Let us tell you that in the month of December last year, Katrina Kaif married Vicky Kaushal. The news of their marriage had made a lot of headlines in the media.

Vicky and Katrina kept their affair a secret and suddenly the news of their marriage surfaced. Whenever Katrina and Vicky are seen together after marriage, the fans go crazy seeing them. It has been only 6 months for their marriage but some fans are waiting for the second good news as soon as possible. Now it has to be seen when Katrina and Vicky tell their fans another good news.

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