Even at the age of 50, virgin Manisha Koirala had relations with dozens of men, the names of these stars including Nana Patekar included

Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala earned as much name in the world of cinema. His personal life was equally in the limelight. 50-year-old Manisha Koirala has had relationships with dozens of men in her life. Hearing this, her fans are bound to be surprised, but it is a fact that Manisha had an affair with dozens of people. During this, his closeness with many people had increased a lot. Today we are going to tell you about all those affair of Manisha Koirala in this article.

Manisha did a tremendous job in the superhit film ‘Saudagar’. During this, Vivek was in the lead role with him. Both had come very close to each other during the shooting of the film. However, this close did not last long.

Renowned star Nana Patekar used to like Manisha Koirala. Both were spotted together many times. Nana Patekar was seen many times outside the actress’s house. However, later there were reports of their separation. There were reports that Manisha had cheated on the actor.

The news of her affair with DJ Hussain was also coming to the fore. He loved Manisha very much. He wanted to marry the actress. But Manisha flatly refused him.

There were also reports of Manisha’s affair with a Nigerian businessman Anthony. But their relationship did not last long and both of them separated.

After separating from Cecil Anthony, Manisha remained in a relationship with Aryan Vaid. But his relationship with them also did not last long.

There were also reports of Manisha’s relationship with Prashant Chaudhary. However, this time his family members had come between the two. Due to which their paths parted.

She also had an affair with Christian Korn Roy. He wanted to marry the actress. But this time also he refused to marry.

The actress was in love with Tarika Premji, son of famous businessman Azim Premji. However, this love between the two did not last long and both of them broke up.

Model Rajeev Moolchandani was also crazy about Manisha. The actress herself had told about her relationship with Rajiv in front of the media. But even here their relationship did not progress.

After which her name was associated with musician Sandeep Chowta. Both were in relationship for a long time. But here too both of them broke up.

Manisha was in a relationship with Christopher Doris for 3 years. The market was hot with the news of their affair. However, here too the talks between the two did not progress.

Then finally the actress married businessman Samrat Dahal in the year 2010, but this marriage did not last long. Both of them decided to separate after 2 years of marriage i.e. in 2012 itself.

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