Even before the wedding, the Kapoor family started pressurizing Maleka! revealed himself, and said

Bollywood actress Malika Arora has a large number of fans following. Fans are crazy about his acting for his audacity. He has made more than one amazing films in his career. But now Malika has distanced herself from films. Despite being away from films, Malaika loves to be in the limelight. They are often seen at events and parties. Apart from this, she was often seen doing tours of gyms and restaurants. Because of this, the team of Paps is always behind them.

Let us tell you that the angels remain in the headlines every day. Sometimes you take your pictures, sometimes through your videos. But this time the reason he is in the news is a revelation. In fact, the latest detection spreads quite a bit. Malaika did this work, her disclosure is related to the marriage of Alia and Ranbir. This disclosure of the actress blows everyone’s senses. Fans are quite surprised to hear this revelation. Revealing that Malaika reveals that she was often forced to attend receptions for Alia and Ranbir.

Significantly, in the past, actors Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhat got married. Only 38 people attended the wedding. Because of this, he had a reception after marriage. Which many artists have been called. Many Bollywood stalwarts came to this reception for both. These include Shah Rukh Khan, Guri Khan, Karan Johar, Shakan Batra, Ian Mukerji, Malika Arora and Arjan Kapoor. But Malaika was often forced to attend this party.

The actress had told that she is in physical health. But they are mentally scared. They get scared and nervous when they get in the car. As a result, he had to convince a lot to go to Alia and Ranbir’s party by car. She also said that whenever she sits in the car, she should wear a seat belt while on high alert. Actually, in the past, the actress has been involved in a car accident. Where he had suffered multiple head injuries. After treatment and rest, it is perfect now. But the fear of sitting in the car haunts them even today.

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