Eventually, Mallika breaks her silence about her marriage to Arjun, and says, “He gave me the day I needed so much.

Bollywood actors Arjun Kapoor and Malika Arora are in a relationship with each other for some time now. The two are often monitored together. Many of his pictures or videos are posted online. At the same time, they are often seen showering love by sharing beautiful photos with each other on social media. It’s been a long time since both of them dated. In such a situation, the fans are now waiting for the marriage of the couple. Recently Malaika’s reaction on this has come to the fore. His fans will be happy to hear this.

Let us tell you that Malaika recently talked about her relationship with Arjon Kapoor in an interview. The actress says that Arjun is the most perfect person in his life. Malika says that they are in their relationship at the moment when they think about the future of this relationship. They say that they like to see their future with each other. They also often laugh and joke about the future of their relationship. But still, they are more serious about it.

Malaika also said that it is very important that two people are happy in any relationship. Also, there should be positive in that relationship as well. And it really is in their relationship. The actress says Arjun’s presence with her gives her a different degree of certainty and confidence. Malaika often talks to Arjun about this and says that she wants to grow old with him.

This statement of Malaika regarding her relationship with Arjun is being liked by the people. In such a situation, the fans also speculate that both can soon link their relationship with the strong relationship of husband and wife. However, when will this happen? Nothing can be said about this.

It should be noted that the love for each other in their respective hearts is reflected in their images. Recently, Malaika has become a victim of an accident. Arjun was seen taking great care of her. Many of his pictures were also covered on the internet. This shows that there is a lot of love between the two. Please tell that Arjun Kapoor-Malaika are 12 years younger than the full 12 years. But there is still a great connection between the two.

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