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The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team has issued a warning regarding Google Chrome and Mozilla browser. Indian Computer Emergency Response claims that Google Chrome and Mozilla bugs can easily leak users’ personal data to hackers. According to the agency, this bug can bypass all protections and even execute arbitrary code.

Be Careful Before Using Google Chrome

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has described these errors as a major threat. This is because errors in it can leak user data. This includes older versions of Chrome OS. Tech giant Google said that it has been installed after knowing about all these glitches. The company has asked users to download the latest version of Chrome OS.

So that he can be safe from these gardens. In addition, CERT-in warns about these bugs in Mozilla Firefox before iOS version 101, Thunderbird version 91.10 before Mozilla Firefox, and 101 before Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla has highly rated all of these malpractices. These flaws allow remote attackers to bypass security restrictions. In addition, they can easily obtain a lot of personal information.

Mozilla. A warning has also been issued for

Can also run arbitrary code. Hackers can also attack targeted systems. Where Mozillane has released the latest update on all this. Internet users should stay away from all these types. It is recommended to download Mozilla Firefox ISO 101, Mozilla Firefox Thunderbird version 91.10, Mozilla Firefox SR version and Mozilla Firefox 101. And it is advisable to avoid all these defects.


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