Home break drama producer Ekta Kapoor is still a virgin as her father Jitendra.

Friends Bollywood superstar actor Jitendra Kapoor made his name in the 80s, he also worked in many superhit films. They have two children, Tusshar Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor. Tusshar Kapoor is one such actor who has not been very successful. At the same time, Ekta Kapoor had a childhood dream of becoming a filmmaker, which she has fulfilled. He is a well known director and producer in both TV and Bollywood. There are many such programs on his TV which have been running for years. Lok Ekta movie. He loves his webseries and movies.

Ekta Kapoor is still a virgin

Today is Ekta Kapoor’s birthday, she was born on 7th June 1975. Ekta started her TV career 25 years back when she presented her first series ‘Mano Na Mano’. People liked the series very much and since then Ekta has done many series.

Ekta today is a television and film producer as well as a film director and joint managing director and creative of Balaji Telefilms Ltd. He founded it in 1994. Her fans know very little about Ekta but most know that Ekta is still a virgin. But do you know that Jitendra has a hand in not marrying Ekta.

father had placed the condition

Ekta herself had said in an interview that she could not get married due to her father’s condition. Actually, Jitendra had told the girl, you either choose a career or get married. Then Ekta wanted to make her mark, so she chose a career.

Ekta continued to advance in her career but remained unmarried throughout her life. After this a fan asked her when will she get married? Responding to this, he said that when Salman Khan gets married, I will get married in 1-2 years. Ekta Kapoor also said that she has seen many relationships break up and that’s why she doesn’t want to get married yet. Though they may get married later, it depends on their mood.

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