How difficult it is to be the mother of a daughter like Bonam Pandey, the actress herself told each other in pain.

Bollywood’s famous actress Bonab Pandey has a huge fan base. Fans are more crazy about her boldness than her acting. The actress worked in more than one show. Let us tell you that Bonham is one of the most courageous actresses in the industry. They come on screen daily, sometimes topless, sometimes bravely. Apart from this, she also keeps sharing bold photos of her fans. It should be noted that today is Mother’s Day. Many artists share pictures of their mothers on this occasion. Bonham was also not left behind and revealed to his mother.

Let us tell you that Punap Pandey is also one of the actresses living in the TV industry. Sometimes the photos of the actress and sometimes the videos are scattered. But this time the reason he is in the news is a revelation. Please tell that at this time Poonam Pandey is seen in the App Lock display. She was seen hanging out with her friends. At the same time, in some episodes, she crossed all limits of audacity in her dress. She also told the actress about the “app lock” in her revelations.

Bonham explains that at one point his family came to encourage the contestants. During this, Bonam Pandey’s mother also reached there. Everyone was surprised to see them. Actually, Bonum’s mother has not been talking to him for some time. I was not even going to meet him. Because of this, there were speculations that she would not come to meet Bonum on the show as well and would encourage her. But he surprised people by coming to the show. It should be noted that because of Bonham’s many mistakes, his mother was angry with him. But after appearing on the show, he was told that he had forgiven the actress.

“Her mother understands how her daughter is,” Bonham said. How hard is it to be his mother? The actress said that she sometimes thinks how wrong it is to have a daughter like her. At the same time she puts herself in her mother’s place and sees what she will do if her daughter is like this. The actress said that she loves her mother very much. Because despite all her mistakes, her mother always did not leave her hand and supported her. Fans like this thing of the actress very much.

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