Huma Qureshi breaks her silence for the first time after Suhail Khan’s divorce and reveals the whole truth about her relationship with the actor

Is a following fan of Bollywood actor Suhail Khan. Fans are crazy about his acting. Lakhs of girls get accustomed to the character of Suhail simultaneously. But the heart of the actor had fallen on Seema Sashida. The actor married Sima Shashideh in 1998. The two met in the film groups ‘Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya’. Both the actors fell in love with each other. But due to lack of religion, his family refused to marry. After this both the artists fled and got married in Arya Samaj. Then after the consent of the relatives, both of them got married.

But the marriage of both did not last long. Suhail Khan and Wasima Khan filed for divorce after 24 years of marriage. This was accepted by the Family Court. Let us tell you, after divorce, many discoveries come to the fore. Recently, Suhail Khan’s ex-wife Seema Khan said about the divorce that she is now completely independent and single. The actress was very happy. But now the disclosure of both is wider. The reason for Suhail’s separation and Akash is listed.

Please tell that the reason for their separation is being told that Suhail Khan’s extramarital affair. It was being told that during the divorce, Suhail Khan is dating Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi. Both were also seen together many times. At the same time, once there was a discussion between Handsome Huma. It was also said about the actor that he had also bought Huma’s house. But now the same girlfriend has called him brother.

In fact, once the dispute between Huma escalates dramatically. Huma Qureshi said that Suhail Khan is like her elder brother and nothing else. The fans were quite surprised to hear this. After this statement Huma vented her anger and said that everyone should apologize to her. Because within it there is no such thing as understanding, morality and morality. Also, it is not right at all to associate the name of such an artist with another. Its detection among users has gone viral to a large extent.

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