In the process of filming, the actress crossed the border, and reached the holy place without wearing any clothes.

Thousands of photos and videos are posted every day on the social networking site Instagram. Many of these images are very much liked by the users, while seeing some images people are not able to control their anger. It’s worth noting that many of these are Social Media Influencers, who post a lot of cognizant stuff. At the same time, there are some who sit by opening a nudity store on their Instagram account. Thousands of these users are scattered across the country and abroad. Who often goes naked in front of the camera, making them in the headlines and sharing photos and videos.

Let us tell you that for a long time, many influencers have done this to come in the spotlight. But this time such pictures of the user have spread a lot. This has angered people across Indonesia. Actually, Instagram star Alina Yoga, who lives in Indonesia, has shared some photos in the past. She was trapped near a tree and took a nude picture. Let me tell you, he did this under a very sacred Indonesian tree in Anjan. Businessman Niloh Galentico then saw these pictures of him and asked the authorities to take action tomorrow.

Niloh said Russian girl Elena Yoga took a nude photo shoot under a 700-year-old paper bark tree. What do the people there call Kyaw Bothe? Let us tell you that these 700-year-old trees are located in the Babakan Temple of Bali. Which the people there consider very sacred. When she saw the matter escalate, Elena deleted her pictures from her Instagram handle. He also posted a video on May 4 and said that he did not know anything about the tree, so he did such an act. For which you apologize to all the people of Indonesia. She told that she went to the police station with two hands folded under the tree and she told everything the truth.

To clarify this, police spokesperson Ranivali Diane Kandra also said that Elena had come to the police station. And he told everything. Please note that the investigation of this matter is going on. At the same time, Elena is being prosecuted under the Information and Electronic Transactions Act and if these Elena pictures come under the purview of obscene material, then you may have to pay a jail term of 6 to 7 years and a fine of Rs 51.

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