In this web series, Ayesha Kapoor presented a very bold scene, only then she is alone.

Viewers watching new movies and web series every day are involved in the search for a new film every day. Often in such a situation, he sits with family members and watches some of these web series, after watching them, he gets flooded with water in shame. After seeing the bold scenes shown in the films, everyone starts stealing their eyes from each other.

Looks like he made a mistake. Similarly, the web series is in the list of these bold scenes. Never forget to see someone you look up to with your family. That’s why a very bold series is shown on OTT for the same few days. The hottest and most daring of all these series is the Jhol series. Where all limits of intimacy are crossed.

Let me tell you, Ayesha Kapoor did many bold scenes in the series. Seeing them, people’s heart beats faster. Ayesha Kapoor’s intimate scenes are discussed everywhere. The Jhol series, which released on Prime Kami, has attracted so much that people’s eyes do not deviate from the mobile phone. The story of this series is very unique, because in this series the story of a couple was shown, who used to take his wife to his lover.

Because his wife did not love him, she loved her lover. Audacity broke all its limits in this series. Let us inform that Ayesha Kapoor, who was seen in the film with a dash of audacity, started her career with a fashion show in 2016. These days till now Ayesha is dominated in Bollywood due to her new series. Earlier she was seen in many bold web chains. These include love street, office scandals and how to break the web seal chain. Ayesha’s bold avatar was seen in all these films.

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