Janhvi Kapoor breaks all limits, sharing romantic photos with boyfriend in deep neck dress, says I want sex every night after dinner

Janhvi Kapoor broke all limits, shared romantic photos with boyfriend in deep neck dress and said I want sex every night after dinner

Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor is one of those star kids, who has achieved a special identity in the film industry in a very short time just on her own. Yeh Ladli Aaye Din of Kapoor family injured fans with her Instagram pictures. And keeps on convincing |

Where on the one hand, Jahnavi’s father Boney Kapoor shared a special post and introduced the actress to her qualities. At the same time, now Jahnavi Kapoor’s boyfriend Orhan (Orhan Awatramani) has also tried to make the day special by sharing a romantic post, but Jahvani did not like this thing and instead of making things worse. After this there was a lot of quarrel between both of them.

But recently there has been talk between Jhanvi and her boyfriend Orhaan. Meanwhile, both have also registered their public presence. During this, journalists also asked him a lot of personal questions. When a journalist asked him a question related to sex life, he laughed and said that I want sex every night after dinner, on which everyone started laughing.

Boney kapoor recently shared a picture of his darling Janhvi Kapoor. This is a picture of Jhanvi’s childhood, in which she looks very innocent. Wearing a black dress, Jahnavi has also put on a hairband. Agastya Nanda and Navya Nanda are also seen with them. Where Navya is seen in a black outfit and she has tied a ponytail. Whereas Agastya seems engrossed in his own world.

This picture of Agastya Nanda, Janhvi Kapoor and Navya Naveli Nanda is very cute. Boney Kapoor posted a photo of his daughter Janhvi Kapoor on his Instagram and wrote in the caption, ‘Childhood memories Agastya, Janhvi and Navya’. This picture is becoming very viral on social media. Users are commenting a lot on this.


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