Janhvi Kapoor’s tongue slipped about boyfriend- ‘I meet every night after dinner’

Jhanvi Kapoor is one of those actresses of Bollywood who has earned a name as a big actress in Bollywood in no time on the basis of her beauty and acting. Janhvi Kapoor often remains in headlines on the internet due to her bold fashion sense. Apart from acting in films, Janhvi Kapoor remains in the headlines for her bold avatar on social media.

Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor keeps sharing pictures of her latest photoshoots on social media every day, which makes fans go crazy with her glamorous look. Recently father Boney Kapoor shared her cute childhood picture in which Janhvi Kapoor can be seen wearing a black colored hair band and she is looking very cute.

Janhvi Kapoor

On the occasion of Janhvi Kapoor’s birthday, not only all her friends and celebrities but her boyfriend Orhaan also wrote a love-filled post for her, in which he said, “Happy birthday my dear darling, many congratulations. Remember everything is possible through God and yes never say that the doors that God has opened for you can be closed anytime.

Janhvi Kapoor

However, Janhvi Kapoor got a very rude reply on Orhaan’s post and wrote, “You could have done better.” After this, Orhan again commented and said, “Don’t get angry on birthdays.”

Though Janhvi and her boyfriend got into a heated argument over this comment, but after that both of them were spotted in the media. Apart from this, when Janhvi Kapoor was asked a personal question by the media, in which she said that what does she think about sex? Then Janhvi Kapoor laughingly replied that she wants sex after dinner.


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