Jhanvi Kapoor wore a very bold dress during the event, see pictures and videos going viral

Bollywood’s beautiful actress Janhvi Kapoor is known for her dressing sense! Jhanvi Kapoor has made a name for herself among the youth in a short span of time. Keep sharing pictures with fans! When she reached here during the brand promotion in an event, she caught the attention of the people. Every heroine tries to keep something special in her outfit after going to such an event! So when people praise him and the media covers him, these things go viral!

Jhanvi Kapoor is always the media’s first choice! Most of the youth come in Jhanvi Kapoor’s fan following! Jhanvi Kapoor’s career may be short, but Jhanvi Kapoor’s name was promoted a lot in her short career! That’s why she promotes big brands! For which she charges crores of rupees! Talking about the advertising world, it is believed that Janhvi Kapoor charges two to three crore rupees for an advertisement.

Janhvi Kapoor arrived at the event, seen a stunning dress! Which caught people’s attention! Jhanvi Kapoor works hard on her fitness! So look beautiful in every dress! Some people even trolled Janhvi Kapoor for this dress. But as a heroine, she has to wear such clothes! It has become a fashion nowadays! Today’s heroine opens up on every occasion and remains innocent! He doesn’t care what people think of him! Now it has become common to see a heroine in such clothes and this impeccable style of Jhanvi Kapoor makes her different from other heroines! Confidence is clear in Jhanvi Kapoor!

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