Kabhi Maggi Kabhi banaya sarso ka saag, Sara Ali Khan’s special video from Himachal trip went viral…

Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan loves holidaying as much as she loves working. Sara Ali Khan is enjoying vacation in Himachal these days. Her social media account testifies to this, on which the actress shares pictures and videos of her vacations. Sara Ali Khan has shared a video on Instagram in which she is showing her Himachal trip.

sara ali khan himachal

Meanwhile, a video of Sara Ali Khan has now surfaced from which it can be clearly gauged how much she loves food. The actress loves to eat food and at the same time she also does good cooking. At least this video is showing that. In fact, now Sara Ali Khan, who is enjoying vacation in Himachal, has shared a video on Instagram showing all her food which she has made with her own hands.

sara ali khan himachal

While anchoring in this video, Sara is telling her viewers what she has done on this trip. Sara Ali Khan wrote, ‘Hello viewers… I wish my name was Sara Ali Khana… It would have been an excuse for binging.. regardless of the age… Nonstop trana of hill food… Sarso ka saag mein khati jawa.. oh my makki kinna Tainu wanted.

sara ali khan himachal

Let us tell you, Sara’s video begins with beautiful valleys where Sara says, ‘Hello audience, welcome to Lahaul-Spiti Valley.’ After which Sara Ali Khan is seen making Maggi at a stall. In the video, Sara says that she is making spicy Maggi and with it she is going to eat spicy crisps.

sara ali khan himachal

Let me tell you, the matter did not stop only at Mangi, apart from this Sara Ali Khan was seen serving mustard greens sitting near the stove and in the video she can be heard saying that she is going to eat mustard greens and hot crispy corn bread, which he himself made. In the video, Sara was seen making Makke Ki Roti on the stove.

Further in the video, Sara says that she is now saying goodbye to Himachal’s Sisu village. At the end of the video, Sara also showed her friend Manan. Let us inform that Himachal Pradesh is famous for its beauty, peace, river, lake-waterfalls, beautiful roads etc. In such a situation, whenever Bollywood celebs get time, they go to visit Himachal.


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