Kajal Aggarwal first showed the face of her beloved, see cute pictures of mother and child!

Actress Kajal Aggarwal gave birth to a baby boy, whom she named Neil Kitchlew, on 19 April. These days the actress is enjoying the happiest moments of her life. So far, the actress has shared pictures with her son Neil through Instagram before this, but she has not yet revealed her boyfriend’s face, so the fans were eagerly waiting to see her son Neil. At present, the face of Kajal Aggarwal’s son can also be seen in the latest photo, after which celebrities are also expressing their love for the fans. Let’s see her cute pictures so far.

In the latest picture, Kajal Aggarwal is seen taking care of her son Neil. Along with this photo, the actress has also showered love on her son in the caption. Sharing the post, he wrote, Neil Kitchlew is the love of my life. Her cuteness has won the hearts of the fans, although not even a part of her face can be seen from Neil’s smiling hand.

Kajal Aggarwal shared the first picture of her adorable son when he was just 18 months old. Words or words cannot describe the loving emotional bond between mother and child in this picture. Sharing this photo, Kajal Aggarwal has shared her feelings through a long note.

The cute bonding of Kajal Aggarwal and her son can also be seen in these photos. In one picture, he is seen wearing a heart emoji, but in another, a glimpse of his face is visible.

In this photo, Kajal Aggarwal’s husband Gautam Kitchlu is seen holding a piece of liver on his chest, he has closed both his eyes. The love between father and son is clearly visible in the picture. Gautam Kitchloo has shared this good news with the fans by posting on the occasion of the birth of the child.

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