Kanye West ranch is visited by Justin Bieber for his support

On Saturday Kanye West shared a post on Instagram in which he was with Justin Bieber and Daman dash on his ranch.

Kanye West is an American famous singer, songwriter as well as a famous media personality on 4th July 2020, he informed about his participation in the race of President 2021, on his Instagram page. Before few days he has conducted his first rally at Carolin where he lost control over his emotions. Fans have commented on a large scale on twitter after his this reaction during his rally in Carolin.

Kanye West’s wife Kim Kardashian’s Reaction

And during that rally, he opened up about his wife Kim Kardashian’s decision for abortion of their first child name North West. He has also said about his mother’s decision to welcome him in this world. He has also said that his father wants to about him during his birth. In reply to his, this attitude wife Kim Kardashian has put a length message about himself. In that message, she said about the mental disorder of her husband. She claimed that he is suffering from bipolar disorder. She said that, she never likes to share her personal matter on social media but how she is helpless.

Kanya West Twitter Post

To get out of this Kanye West how spending his time on his ranch. To show him support Justin Bieber and Hailey has visited him during their road trip, Kanye West has shared a post on Instagram and she wrote, “DD & JB discussing the new spray foam wall prototypes on the YZY campus”. With this tweet, he has also shared photos, in which Justin Bieber and Damon Dash are sharing their talks with each other they have visited at his farm on Friday.

Kanye West is also avoiding his wife Kim Kardashian during these days. Justin Bieber and Kanye West are having a great bond with each other during “Sunday Service’ from last year. 

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