Kapil Sharma used to like Deepika Padukone, not wife Ginni, wanted to get married too

At present, everyone knows Kapil Sharma and there will be no one in India who does not know Kapil. This is because Kapil Sharma is the biggest comedian of India. Because of this, everyone knows Kapil today and loves and respects him very much. Because of this Kapil gets a lot of love from the whole country. Recently, Kapil Sharma has been in social media and the reason for this is that an old news is coming out that it is being revealed that Kapil Sharma was very much in love with a Bollywood actress. Let us tell you that the actress is none other than Bollywood’s superstar actress Deepika Padukone. Yes, there was a time when India’s number one comedian was in love with one of India’s biggest actresses, Deepika Padukone and wanted to get married too. What happened to Kapil and Deepika that they could not get married. Will tell you about this further in the article.

Kapil Sharma used to love Deepika Padukone, wanted to get married

Everyone knows Kapil Sharma in today’s time. This is because Kapil Sharma is India’s biggest comedian and Kapil has been making the people of India laugh for years. Let us tell you that Kapil Sharma also hosts a comedy show named The Kapil Sharma Show. Recently, Kapil Sharma is making headlines in social media. The reason for this is that the old love story of Kapil Sharma is spreading rapidly on social media. Let us tell you that there was a time when Kapil Sharma was in love with Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone and he also wanted to marry her. But due to some personal reasons of Deepika, both of them could not get married. Further in this article, we will tell you that due to such personal reasons of Deepika, Kapil and Deepika could not get married.

Kapil wanted to marry Deepika, because of this it was not possible

By reading the article so far, you must have come to know that Kapil Sharma was very fond of Bollywood superstar actress Deepika Padukone and also wanted to get married. But this was not possible and the reason for this is that whenever Kapil Sharma tried to propose Deepika, Deepika did not give any emotion. This shows that Deepika did not want to get married again. Let us tell you that at present, Deepika Padukone got married in the year 2018. Deepika’s husband is none other than Bollywood’s famous actor Ranveer Singh. At present, both Deepika and Ranveer Singh are living their life in a very happy way and today the pair of Deepika-Ranveer is considered as one of the biggest couples in Bollywood.

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