Kareena asked for Rs 12 crore for the role of ‘Sita’? People said, why are you making this Sita?

B-Town’s outspoken Kareena Kapoor Khan has been in the news for quite some time. Recently there was news that Kareena Kapoor will play the role of mother Sita in the film ‘Sita – The Avatar’ based on Ramayana. Her fans were also excited after hearing the news of Kareena’s avatar, but something happened that people started trolling her. According to reports, when the director of the film approached Kareena for the role of Sita, she demanded a hefty amount from the producers. According to the report, Kareena asked the makers for Rs 12 crore to play the role of Sita, which she refused to pay.

After the news of asking for Rs 12 crore for Sita’s role, users were trolled a lot on social media. Some users even advised Kareena not to charge for the role of Sita and work for free. A user had also said that Kareena has hurt the sentiments of Hindus and people associated with it by demanding Rs 12 crore. Some had also said that Kareena was not fit to play the role of Sita as she was married to a Muslim family.

After such comments on social media, for the first time, Kareena Kapoor has remained silent about the fee of Rs 12 crore. In an interview given to a TV channel, Kareena was asked whether she had asked for Rs 12 crore for the role of Sita. So he shook his head. It is clear from Kareena’s answer that she is not playing the role of ‘Sita’ nor is she taking a fee of Rs 12 crore.

Kareena was accompanied by Taapsee Pannu and Pooja Hegde

Kareena’s role as Sita led to a demand of Rs 12 crore, which was supported by several actresses like Taapsee Pannu and Pooja Hegde. The actress said that there is a big difference between the fees of actors and actresses in the industry. Those who are creating a ruckus about Kareena for Rs 12 crore, they should also pay attention to other actors.

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