Kareena is the mother of Saif’s two children, now she is upset with Saif, has started spending time with Amir Khan

Kareena Kapoor, this name is recognized by everyone today and it is because this name belongs to none other than the actress Kareena Kapoor who is included in the list of Bollywood’s biggest actress. Kareena is one of the biggest and legendary actresses of Bollywood today and everyone loves her very much. This is because Kareena Kapoor has given so many superhit films in Bollywood, due to which everyone has become a big fan of her and likes her very much.

Talking about Kareena’s personal life, she was married to Saif Ali Khan and today she is also the mother of two children. Kareena and Saif married each other in the year 2012 and today both look very happy together. But recently it has come to know about Kareena Kapoor that now Kareena is upset with Saif Ali Khan and it is also being told that now she has started growing closer to Aamir Khan. Let us tell you about it in detail further in the article.

Kareena has become upset with Saif, now it has started increasing Kareena’s closeness with Amir Khan herself, Kareena herself made a big statement

We all are aware of how big Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan is today. This is because Saif Ali Khan has had a great Bollywood career so far and has given so many superhit films to Bollywood that today he has become a big name in Bollywood. Today everyone likes Saif very much from the people and there is no shortage of his fans too.

Saif Ali Khan is making a lot of headlines in social media these days and the reason for this is none other than the set’s wife Kareena Kapoor. This is because recently it has come to light that Kareena Kapoor’s closeness with Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has started increasing and some time back Kareena’s statement also surfaced that she is upset with Saif Ali Khan. This is because Kareena has become the mother of Saif’s two children and now her fitness is not the same as before. In the next article, we will tell you why the closeness of Kareena and Amir has started increasing.

Katrina is now spending time with Amir, this is the reason

After reading the article so far, you all understood that Kareena Kapoor is very much dominated in the media in her present birth and this is because recently it has been revealed that Kareena is now spending most of her time with Aamir Khan. And the closeness between them has also started increasing. Let us tell you that this is because now Kareena and Amir are shooting together for a film named Lal Singh Chadha and due to this both are spending time together. Now that both of them spend most of their time together, the closeness between the two is bound to increase.

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