Kareena Kapoor can take son away from father, is going to take this concrete step

We all know Kareena Kapoor and are her fans too. This is because Kareena Kapoor is a big and veteran actress of Bollywood and she has given a lot of superhit films to Bollywood in her lifetime and made her a huge name. Seeing Kareena Kapoor’s films, people have become a big fan of her and even today they give as much love and respect as they used to give earlier. Talking about Kareena’s personal life, she married Saif Ali Khan in the year 2012 and today is spending her married life with him in a very happy way.

In recent times, Kareena Kapoor is making a lot of headlines in social media and this is because recently a statement of her husband Saif has come out which has put everyone in big thinking. Saif Ali Khan made this statement for his wife Kareena that she can separate Saif from his own son. Due to which this statement of Saif Ali Khan has now become a topic of discussion everywhere. Further in this article, we will tell you that after all, Kareena Kapoor can take such a concrete step and why can she separate a son from his father.

Kareena can take the son away from his own father, husband Saif gave a big statement

Saif Ali Khan is known all over Bollywood in today’s time and this is because Saif is a big and veteran actor of Bollywood and Saif Ali Khan has been holding his own in Bollywood for a long time and has made people crazy about him. are sitting. Recently, a statement of Saif Ali Khan has spread very fast in social media, due to which now talks are being made about him and his wife Kareena Kapoor everywhere.

Saif told in his statement that his wife Kareena can soon take away his son from him, if in other words, Saif told that his wife can take away a father from her son. Saif told that Kareena can soon take such a concrete step that her son Taimur will be away from her. Which concrete step Kareena Kapoor is going to take, will tell you about it further in the article.

Saif may be away from son Taimur because of Kareena, Kareena will do this work

After reading the article so far, you all understood that recently a statement of Saif Ali Khan has spread very fast in the media, in which he has told that his wife Kareena can take away her son Taimur from him. Explaining the reason for this, Saif further said that Kareena and I are also worried about the future of our children and their education is necessary to shape their future. For Taimur’s studies, Kareena can send him to a day boarding school and this is the reason why it is being said that Kareena can take away the father from her son.

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