Kareena’s family had refused to marry Saif, but still, this was the reason for Kareena’s insistence

Kareena Kapoor must be a big name of Bollywood in today’s time, she has made a huge name in Bollywood. In this boy’s Kareena Kapoor, Bollywood has given many years of her life, if in other words, Kareena Kapoor has given more than 20 years of her life to Bollywood and she is still doing films in Bollywood. Whatever films Kareena does, almost all of her films are hits and superhits. This is the reason that in today’s time everyone respects Kareena so much and also gives her respect. At present, Kareena Kapoor is making a lot of headlines on social media and she is being discussed everywhere. This is because recently it has come to light that Kareena Kapoor’s family members were not at all agreeable to her marriage and they had also warned Kareena Kapoor for this. We will tell you in this article about why the family members of Kareena behaved like this.

Kareena’s family members did not want Saif and Kareena to get married, thought it was for Saif

Saif Ali Khan is a very big Bollywood actor in today’s time and he has been giving superhit films to Bollywood for a long time. Due to which Saif Ali Khan has a big name in Bollywood in today’s time. Saif Ali Khan married Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor in the year 2012. But recently the news is coming out that Kareena’s family members were not ready for the marriage of Kareena and Saif and they had also warned Kareena for this. This is because the family members of Kareena Kapoor used to say that Saif is already the father of 2 children and has also separated from his first wife. Kareena’s family members even told Kareena that her career would end if she married Saif. Next in this article, we will tell you that what did Kareena give to her family members when they asked her and why she married Saif even after hearing this clearly.

Kareena’s family had given a warning to Kareena, Kareena gave this answer to the family members

At present, Kareena Kapoor is becoming very fresh viral on social media and the reason for this is that recently it has been learned that her family members had given a clear warning and even refused her to marry Saif. This is because Saif Ali Khan was already a father of 2 children and had separated from his first wife. On this, Kareena replied to the family whether it is a crime to love, is it a crime to get married. After which Kareena Kapoor married Saif and today is spending her married life happily with everyone.

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