Kiara Advani likes these three things better than sex, revealed herself

Kiara Advani likes these three things better than sex, revealed herself

Bollywood’s well-known actress Kiara Advani was in a lot of headlines in the past for her film Lakshmi. Akshay Kumar appeared with him in this film. There has already been a lot of uproar regarding the name of this film. That’s why the name of the film was changed to just Lakshmi. It is to be known that this film of Kiara Anwani was released on the OTT platform.

His film has been released, a video of which is now going viral on social media. In this, everyone is stunned by the answers to some questions. In the question-answer, Kiara told what are the three things that she likes more than sex. Be aware that this video going viral has been shared by ‘Tweak India’.

I like these things more than sex

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In the video going viral, Kiara answered many questions related to her life. Meanwhile, he was asked which three things he liked more than sex. In response to this, Kiara gave such an answer that everyone was surprised to hear. Kiara revealed that she feels that a scrumptious pizza, shopping and a good movie is better for her than sex.

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Then when Kiara was asked that if she gets a chance in life, she can become a kit or a worm, then which worm would she like to be. In response, Kiara said that she loves butterflies. For this reason, she wants to become a caterpillar. After which you will get a chance to become a butterfly.


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