Madhuri did not like the groom, father decided to marry a foreigner

In today’s time, if there is no person, then he would not know Madhuri Dixit. This is because Madhuri Dixit has made the entire Bollywood as well as the whole country crazy with her acting and her style. Madhuri Dixit gives her best in her films, due to which all her films have become hits and superhits. This is the reason why in today’s time Madhuri Dixit is such a big name in Bollywood, all those people have wanted so much. Madhuri Dixit is called Bollywood’s most beautiful and well-known actress. This shows that how big a fan of Madhuri Dixit people are even today.

In the present time, due to a statement given by her, Madhuri Dixit remains the subject of much discussion on social media and she is being discussed everywhere. This is because recently Madhuri has said in her statement that her father had fixed her marriage without informing her. Yes, it is absolutely true that Madhuri did not like Dixit’s father, but her marriage was fixed without informing him, but Madhuri did not even like the groom at that time. Further in this article, we will tell in detail about this statement of Madhuri Dixit.

Madhuri had not even seen the groom, the father had fixed the marriage

Today everyone is very fond of Madhuri Dixit’s acting and her style and even today everyone likes her very much. This can be gauged from the fact that in today’s time Madhuri Dixit has many millions of fans on social media too. Let us tell you that more than 30 million people follow Madhuri Dixit on social media, this shows how much people like her. At present, Madhuri Dixit has dominated social media because of her sister and in the statement she has said that once her father took her abroad.

After reaching abroad, Madhuri’s father took her to meet a boy and their relationship was also fixed there. Before that Madhuri had never even seen the groom and at that time did not even like him. This is the reason that it is being said that Madhuri did not even like the groom and his father had fixed the marriage with a foreign boy. Further in this article, we will tell how Madhuri Dixit is living her married life today and why she did not convince her father for marriage.

Madhuri Dixit’s father had arranged marriage without asking, because of this Madhuri did not raise any questions

At present, actress Madhuri Dixit is making a lot of headlines on social media and the reason for this is nothing but a statement given by her herself. In the statement, Madhuri told that her father had fixed the marriage without asking her and without her consent and her husband’s name is Shriram Nene. Madhuri got married without answering any question, accepting her word.

Madhuri Dixit did this because she had complete faith in her father and father that her father would never do anything wrong for her. Today Madhuri Dixit is living her married life very happily with her husband Shriram Nene and she is not facing any problem.

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