Malaika Arora became uncomfortable as soon as the fan came close and said ‘comfortably’… watch video

Malaika Arora was spotted at the Mumbai airport on Thursday morning, where she herself was seen walking towards the exit. However, as soon as she came out, a group of fans surrounded her to click selfies with her, which made her nervous and uncomfortable. “Relax,” she told a male fan who suddenly came up to her to click a selfie. Scroll down to watch the video…

malaika with fans

Fans are the best for any actor, but every celebrity also has a crazy fan story that must have made them mad or upset. Something similar happened with Malaika Arora when she came out of the airport on Thursday morning, her fans surrounded her from all sides. Malaika was without any security for the rare time when fans surrounded her at the airport. Scroll down to watch the video…

malaika with fans

In a video that is going viral on social media, the actor is asking a fan to behave as he tries to get too close to her while clicking a selfie. Malaika stepped out of the airport wearing a pair of denims paired with a black crop top and a leather jacket. She first obliges some fans to pose for photos, but as the crowd surrounds her, she quickly tries to exit the area towards her car. When a male fan gets too close to her trying to click a picture while others keep running after her, she then swiftly asks a fan to ‘take it easy’. Scroll down to watch the video…

malaika with fans

As Malaika stepped out of the airport in a black crop top and blue jeans, a black leather jacket and shades, a crowd of fans gathered around her. The actor even forced some of his fans to click selfies with their mobiles, but the situation went out of hand when male fans surrounded him, blocking his way forward. In a video clip shared by the paparazzi account on Instagram, the actor can be seen trying to make his way out when eager fans started mobbing him. Malaika stopped and looked at the fan next to her for a moment and said, “Relax,” before continuing straight ahead. Scroll down to watch the video…

malaika with fans

Malaika looks tense and scared in the video and many fans agree with her behaviour. In the comments section of the video shared by a paparazzo account, several social media users criticized people for harassing celebs, especially women. One user wrote, ‘4 men around him… very close. I would be scared if I were her”, said another, “have people gone mad or what? Have some decency.’

malaika with fans

A fan commented on the video, “It’s annoying when someone intrudes on your personal space.” Another wrote, “I just want to know what could happen or change in your life when you chase them and beg them for selfies?” Another fan said, ‘Have people gone mad or what? At least have some decency. One comment also read, “4 men around her… too close. If I were in his place, I would be horrified.”

Malaika recently graced the runway at Lakme Fashion Week X FDCI for designer Bhumika Sharma’s latest collection Dahlia. She is dating actor Arjun Kapoor since a few years. Malaika was recently seen in her reality show Moving in with Malaika. Karan Johar, Nora Fatehi, Bharti Singh, Amrita Arora and Farah Khan among others have made an appearance on the show.


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