Malaika Arora gave a shock to Arjun Kapoor, saying – ‘I want to be again the daughter-in-law of the Khan family’

Bollywood actress Malaika Arora is always in the headlines. Sometimes she remains in the discussion about her love story and sometimes about her breakup. She keeps on coming in the eyes of people every day. Meanwhile, a video of her is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which actress Malaika Arora is seen talking about her ex-husband and their house. She tells in that video how was Arbaaz Khan’s family? Let us tell you that this video is from the show Koffee with Karan, in which actress Malaika Arora answers Karan Johar’s questions.

Talking to Karan Johar on the show, actress Malaika Arora tells about the experience she had while taking her first step in the Khan family. Malaika says that ‘when I went to the Khan family’s house for the first time, I was surprised. I was very warmly welcomed by his family members and everyone was very happy when I came there. After which Malaika Arora, while talking about her ex brother-in-law and actor Sohail Khan, said, ‘I saw blonde-haired Sohail wearing denim shorts, sunbathing on the terrace of the house. Seeing them, I felt that the atmosphere here is exactly like my home.

He further said, ‘The Khan family was such that never put any pressure on me. The Khan family never said that you should be like this or you have to follow these rules.’ The actress further said that ‘Arbaaz’s family never asked anyone to forcefully follow any norms.’

Malaika further said, ‘The Khan family is a very modern family. In the Khan family, not only mine but whoever comes to that house, they treat everyone in the same way. I am lucky that I became the daughter-in-law of the Khan family. She said, ‘If I am born again, I would like to get married in the same house.’

While talking about her ex-mother-in-law, she said that ‘She used to appreciate my work very much. Although the whole family loved my work, but Arbaaz’s mother especially used to praise me. Malaika says that she was never pressurized by anything, that’s why I was able to do my work well.

Let us tell you that after a few years of marriage between Malaika and Arbaaz, the rift started. Due to which both of them decided to separate in the year 2017 and got divorced from each other. At present, both of them have moved on in their life and are enjoying their respective lives.

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