Mandera wore a short coat of blouse, taught how to wear a sari in front of the camera and the video was being watched by more boys than girls.

Bollywood’s famous actress Mandera Bedi has a large number of fans. Fans are crazy about her beauty. Mandera Bedi has made many big films. Also he hosted from performances to cricket matches. Mandera has made a place in the hearts of crores of people by representing himself. Mandera Bedi is one of the most suitable actresses. She often shares fitness tips and videos for her fans. Due to which his fans love him very much. Recently a video has spread among them.

Let us tell you that Mandera Bedi is very active on social media. She keeps on sharing some great posts with her fans every day. Due to which his fans love him very much. Fans are seen showering love on their sheets. Recently a video of him is spreading on the social networking site Instagram. The viral video has been shared from the official Instagram account of Mandera Biddi. That fans see the rain of likes and comments. In this video, the actress teaches her to wear a sari.

Let me tell you, Mandera is often seen in western dress. But she was also often seen wearing a sari for the fans. This time the actress taught him to wear a sari in front of the camera. In the video, Mandera is shown saying that she is in her hotel room setting up her phone and making the video. The video shows Mandera wearing a blouse and a short coat. He was also wearing a baseball cap. The actress said that her hair does not cover her mouth, so she wears this cover. Mandera told that she wore such a sari in an event.

Mandera taught her to wear a sari in front of the camera in a very easy way in the video. The actress wears a saree step-by-step in an easy way. At the same time, they tell that how much the palo size will make, that is the type of sari that will be made. How many paintings should be taken there and how many paintings should not be taken. At the same time, the actress says wearing a full sari. Fans are very much liking this video. On the viral video, users are shown commenting with hearts and emoji. Fans are very fond of this video for him.

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