Married Suhail Khan was madly in love with this actress, and 24 years of marriage was ruined

Bollywood’s most handsome and muscular actor is the following fan of Suhail Khan. The actor has left a mark in the industry with everything from his acting to his character. But now he withdrew from films. That is, now he has thought of making his life alive anew by making a distance from the cinema world. Let me tell you, the actor has been in the headlines for a long time. The reason for his being in the discussion is his marriage. Actually, for some time now the news is in full swing that the actor wants to get married a little sooner.

Let us tell you that news is coming that Suhail will soon divorce his wife Seema Shashdev. Very sad to hear of any of his fans. Actually, on this day both the actors had filed for divorce against each other and soon there will be divorce. At the same time, when they see both of them very different, then the fans want to know why they separate from each other. Today in this article we will tell you why Monday’s chapter. The reason for Suhail’s separation so beautiful was the hand of a girl.

Actually, when a girl came between the two, both of them stayed away from each other. Let us tell you that the girl is nothing but actress Huma Qureshi. Significantly, Suhail was very happy after marrying actress Seema Sachdev. And then he met Huma. The friendship between the two has deepened. According to media reports, Suhail also bought and gave a house for Huma. After that the news spread like fire everywhere that both are in a relationship. Huma once went to Suhail’s farm on her birthday. Salman was also present. It was best known.

Then when Seema reached the farm, Huma was not found there. The actress knew then that Suhail was having an extramarital affair. He is in a relationship with Huma. In this way, the boundaries were broken a lot. After this he took care of himself and asked for divorce from Suhail. However, let us tell you that the relationship between Suhail and Huma cannot be confirmed. No official information has been revealed on this subject.

He told us that Suhail and Wasima met in the filming of “Pierre Kiya To Darna Kiya”. Both fell in love with each other and decided to get married. But due to the separation of religion, the families of both were not ready for their relationship. Both families agreed at a later date.

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