Memes make you laugh out loud and they are in trending.

During a lockdown, there are so many memes that have been created which are trending. Its niche is lockdown only.

Always make sure that your girlfriend or better half knows everything about you. Otherwise, anything hell could happen as here girlfriend is asking her boyfriend as about a girl name alarms. Who always use to text him.

Girlfriend: Who the hell is the alarm and why she is texting you at 7 am every morning!!!

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Girlfriend Yelling at her Boyfriend

As we all know and experience the difference between a friend and a best friend. Friends are casual they react, what you expect from them. But best friends are true from their heart they react what they feel for your choices. As over here we could see their reactions at our tries on a new look in any sense.

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Friends look

We all have experienced in school life that they’re used to a great debate on us, between our parents and teacher. So especially during Parents-Teacher meeting, as PTM. In this meme, we could seek help from a teacher regarding his child, whereas the teacher is also helpless in her’s child case.

MOM: I need your help with my kids. They won’t do their work or listen to me.

TEACHER: They don’t act like that in my class. What are you doing to cause this!

Daily Funny Memes

Sometimes we have experienced that there is a difference between expectations and outcomes in our lives. We may have put action with something else but outcomes are totally opposite of it, Which in last hurts our feeling. Here we could see that a boyfriend was doing a prank with his girlfriend but after her’s reply, he is speechless and dishearted. During the prank, the boyfriend lied that he will enjoy valentine’s day with some other girl in reply to which his girlfriend has sent him a pic of herself with some other guy, which dishearted him.

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