Mother Salma had turned her face to Salman Khan who was in jail, after years the pain of Dabangg told the whole truth

The life of Salman Khan, popularly known as Bhaijaan in Bollywood, went through many ups and downs. Sometimes his heart was broken, sometimes he had to stand in the court of questions in the court and sometimes he had to face jail. In such a situation where the whole family stood with him. At the same time, his mother Salma Khan was somewhat different from him. Yes, when someone’s son is in jail, then everyone can understand what happens to his mother. Even the mother goes to jail several times to meet her child. But you will be surprised to know that when Bhaijaan was in jail. At that time, Salma had gone to jail to meet Salman only once. This was disclosed by Salma herself during an interview.

Talking on this, Salma Khan said, ‘I can never forget that day. When I went to get it Thane Jail. Salman has faced every difficulty in his life. I am also very happy with this attitude of Salman. After that I never went to meet Salman in any jail. He also stayed in Arthur Road Jail. You know the jailer was also telling me that I don’t know why he has been brought to jail. Then I felt very bad that I do not know why this is happening with us.

During this, Salman was also present in the interview with him. He replies saying, ‘It is very good that mother did not see me in other jails. Even before going to jail, I had decided that as I am going in, I will look like this when I come out.

Apart from this, Salma further tells how Bhaijaan’s fans are eager to get a glimpse of him. He further said, ‘If a lot of crowd gathers outside our house, then other people living in the building also face problems, then the policemen also used to come to me and ask Salman to come out and shake hands once. If it happens at home, I tell it to go out.’

At the same time, talk about Salman’s workfront, he is currently busy with his two big films. In which the names of ‘Antim: The Final Truth’ and ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ are included. Fans are eagerly waiting for both the films of Bhaijaan. In which ‘Antim’ will be released this year. While ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ will hit the theaters next year in 2022

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