Munger-Bhagalpur-Mirza outpost quadrangle work continues, it will be easy to reach Bengal and Jharkhand via Bhagalpur

Tuesday was a very auspicious day for the state of Bihar. In fact, the foundation stone for road and bridge projects worth Rs 10,000 crore was laid in the state. And soon the construction of these projects will start. Union Road and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari inaugurated the construction of the Munger-Bhagalpur-Mirza Chowki four-lane greenfield corridor as well as the eastern lane of Gandhi Setu connecting North Bihar and South Bihar.

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the construction of Munger-Bhagalpur-Mirzachowki Fourlane Greenfield Corridor to start. The length of the road is 124 km and it will be built in four packages at a cost of Rs 5788 crore. At the same time, the minister is currently laying the foundation stone of another Munger-Bhagalpur Mirza Chowki NH-80 scheme. The 108 km road project will cost Rs 1,044 crore. This road will now be made in two lane. Also it will be widened and repaired in PQC mode.

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Let us tell you that once these 2 projects of NH are completed, it will be very easy to go to Bengal and Jharkhand via Bhagalpur. However, the Munger-Bhagalpur-Mirza outpost four-lane greenfield corridor will be built in 4 packages. And all the four tenders have been issued. The target is to complete it by 2024. After the construction of this road, the speed of vehicles will increase and the problem of jam will also go away. Apart from this, interstate transport services will be started from Jharkhand and Bengal.

The appointment date of 3 packages of this road to be built in package 4 has also been received. But there is a slight obstacle in the fourth. The work of two packages has been given to both the agencies. However, 80 per cent of the land is yet to be acquired for package 4. Till now the agency has not given any date for the appointment. Work on all other packages is going on. Local people have been waiting for the road to open for several days. The construction of this road will not only benefit the people of many districts but will also generate employment opportunities.

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