Muzaffarpur Baria bus stand will be shifted in two parts at these two places, know where to get buses

Integrated Bus Terminal will be constructed under Smart City. For this, Baria Bus Stand will be temporarily shifted to Khabra and Bakhri for two years. At present, the exercise of running buses from both these places is in full swing. Buses will run from Khabra to the capital Patna, Samastipur and Metihari, Bettiah.

A temporary bus stand will be constructed at Bakhri for buses going to Sitamarhi, Sheohar, Darbhanga, Madhubani, Kishanganj, Purnia etc. However, after the integrated bus terminal is built in Baria, the bus service will start from here. A bus stand will be built in Khabra on the land of the electricity department or forest department. Land can be rented in Bakhrit.

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In fact, the state president of the Transport Federation, Uday Shankar Prasad Singh, had asked the Road Safety Committee to shift the Baria bus stand on a temporary wire. After this DTO Sushil Kumar has started brainstorming on this. The DTO said that this proposal had come from the federation in the last road safety committee meeting. Correspondence is being done with Smart City Campaign in this regard. Work order will be issued to start the construction of Integrated Terminal. After this the bus stand will be shifted under the guidance of DM.

On the other hand, Transport Federation President Uday Shankar Prasad Singh said that Baria Bus Stand is an interstate bus stand. From here daily more than 1400 buses leave for different districts as well as many states. In such a situation, it is not possible to run a bus from here with the construction of an integrated bus terminal. It was proposed to shift the bus stand temporarily for 2 years so that there is no inconvenience to the transporters. He said that the electricity department has land in Khabra.

The Integrated Bus Terminal will be constructed at a cost of about Rs 200 crore. All state-of-the-art facilities will be available here. The Smart City Mission had time till March 31 to float the tender. But now his tender is about to sink. However, shifting of the bus stands at Khabra and Bakhri may cause some problems for the commuters as they will have to leave home very early. And they have to loose their pockets. Those going to Patna, Samastipur will have to go by auto or private route. Getting to Bakhari can be even more difficult, especially at night.

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