Now the driver’s driving license will be canceled, the police will commit the crime..

Desk: Driving license of 20 careless drivers will be revoked. The police of Gandhi Maidan traffic station has sent the names of the accused drivers to the District Transport Officer. Innocents have died due to the carelessness of these drivers. The traffic police declared him brought dead at the scene.


Most of the accidents are due to speeding and carelessness. According to the traffic police, a total of 117 road accidents have taken place in Patna in the last four months of this year. At least 68 people were killed and 70 others were seriously injured in the accidents at Gandhi Maidan, Bypass and Saguna Mor traffic police stations. Most of the accidents are due to carelessness and carelessness. A total of 32 accidents took place in the limits of Gandhi Maidan police station in four months. The traffic police has recommended the district transport officers to cancel the driving licenses of 20 drivers if negligence is proved.

Scooty Challan
A total of 117 road accidents in Patna, 113 road accidents in 4 months, 683 traffic police killed people around the traffic police station, the condition of 70 is critical.

Traffic officials said that the traffic police is very alert and strict regarding the accidents. Action is being taken against the drivers who break the traffic rules. Gangs of cyclists have come under scrutiny in recent times. Accidents happen while running on the road. Most of the racers are teenagers. Strict action is being taken against them.

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