People of this ability are born leaders, they are quickly attracted to beauty.

In numerology, the nature, personality and future of a person are predicted on the basis of values. The original person’s date of birth is the sum. For example, the prime number of a person born on 2nd, 11th and 20th would be 2. Numerology also tells the relation of each number to a particular planet. Talking about Radix 2, its representative planet is Moon. Therefore, the Moon has an effect on the people of this zodiac.

Sensitivity makes Radix 2 special

The natives of Mulanka 2 are calm and gentle under the influence of Moon. These people are simple and sensitive in nature. That’s why in some cases they get emotional quickly. These qualities make him popular. Those who are attached to the people of root 2 cannot get away from them. He likes multitasking.

Original 2 is the original born leader

Rule 2 people do not like negligence in work. They are perfectionists themselves and expect equal perfection from others. If it doesn’t, it’s time to leave and move on. However, due to the cooling effect of the Moon, they cannot be angry with people for long. Root 2 people are very strong in leadership. These people have amazing leadership abilities. They make good leaders.

attracted to beauty

Rule 2 People are very quickly attracted to beauty, whether it is the beauty of things or people. However, they also value points. But sometimes the desire for beauty puts you in trouble. These people have the ability to travel abroad. They make good profits in foreign related business.

Be careful in these matters

These residents should avoid taking big decisions during the new moon. These people often change their mind, which leads to problems in life. Avoid excessive stress, otherwise depression will go away easily. Drinking milk and water in a silver glass strengthens the moon and gives auspicious results. If Shiva is anointed with cow’s milk on Monday, then auspicious results are obtained.

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