People reprimanded Rashmi Desai for wearing a bikini, said

Whenever it comes to showing beautiful looks, no actress holds back, whether she is a Bollywood actress or TV’s recently, the trend of being photographed in bikini is in full swing, and many actresses take such photos in their own way. Posted on social media account. Recently, Rashmi Desai also shared a similar picture of her on the internet, after which she has come under the target of people.

It is worth noting that these days Rashmi Desai is very active on social media, and these days she is fascinated by her new photographs. Along with this, his photo is also becoming quite viral, on which some people are praising him and some people are also trying to pull his leg.

Recently, in the photo posted by the actress, she is seen wearing a pink color bikini. She is looking very attractive and beautiful in this dress, she is looking so good in it that even big actresses can look like Pani Bharti in front of her. Many people are praising Rashmi, but some people see a flaw in it too. One user even said that he was fat. After this, it was as if there was a line of people who were calling Rashmi bad.[पिंककलरकीबिकनीपहनेनज़रआरहीहैं।इसड्रेसमेंवेकाफीज़्यादाआकर्षकऔरसुन्दरदिखाईदेरहीहैंवेइसमेंइतनीअच्छीलगरहीहैंकिबड़ी-बड़ीअभिनेत्रियाँभीउनकेसामनेपानीभारतीनज़रआसकतीहै।रश्मिकीबहुतसारेलोगतारीफ़क्ररहेहैंमगरकुछलोगोंकोइसमेंभीखामीदिखरहीहै।एकयूजरने तोयहतककहडालाकिबसकरमोटी।इसकेबादतोमानोऐसेलोगोंकीलाइनलगगयीजोरश्मिकोबुराभलाकहरहेथे।

However, beyond all this, Rashmi does not see any special effect due to such things. This is the reason why she is constantly putting her photos in bikini. According to Kana Fusi, who is running in the corridors of Bollywood, Rashmi wants to make her place in films, that is why she is doing all these efforts.

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