Photo of this Hollywood actress sold for 1500 crores, knowing the specialty of the image, that price will also be less

There are more than one beautiful women in the world. Who made people crazy with their beauty. There were many actresses among these beautiful and beautiful women. No one loves a person that much. Many pictures of these beautiful ladies are liked even during the day. One of these beautiful women was also named Marilyn Monroe. Let me tell you, Marilyn Manroe was an American actress. But for some reason, I left this world 60 years ago. The actress left her fans alone at the young age of 36. Even after 60 years, fans miss him a lot. One of his paintings is currently in discussion.

Actually, recently the painting of American actress Marilyn Monroe made a lot of headlines. Even 60 years after his departure, fans still remember him a lot. Recently one of his paintings has gone viral. The price of this painting will surprise everyone. The cost of the fast-spreading painting of the actress is said to be Rs 1,500 crore. Fans have liked this painting very much. Although this painting is minor, but due to the image of Marilyn Manroe, the price of this painting has increased a lot.

Let us tell you that this painting of his was made in 1964 and today 60 years after his departure from this world, he is remembered through this painting. It seems that Marilyn Monroe still rules the hearts of her fans. This image of the actress was placed in the auction organized by Christie’s. Its cost was Rs 1,500 crore. This painting is the most expensive painting ever made in America. Anyone eager to see him.

This painting of the actress is known as “Shot Sage Blue Marlin”. Andy Warhol made this painting. This painting was made 2 years after his departure from this world. The special thing about this painting is that the painter has made it with 5 different colors. Please tell that this painting of his is similar to the poster of his film “Niagara”. Since 1980, the painting has been with the family of the Swiss art dealer, that is, “Oman”. After this, it was recently sold for Rs 1,500 crore. This fund will be spent on the health and education of the children.

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