Pictures of Shahid Kapoor with Chunky Pandey’s daughter surfaced, both were seen in a completely different style, this is the truth of the pictures

Shahid Kapoor, this name is very well known by the acting world in today’s time and everyone likes Shahid very much and also gives him full respect. Talking about Shahid Kapoor’s film career, he has done many films in his Bollywood film career so far and almost all of his films have received a lot of love and support from people as well. This is the reason that today Shahid Kapoor is such a big actor of Bollywood and everyone likes him so much. Talking about Shahid Kapoor’s personal life, he got married in the year 2015 and his wife’s name is Mira Kapoor and Mira is also no less than a famous and beautiful Bollywood actress in appearance. At present, Shahid Kapoor is making a lot of headlines in social media and is also a topic of discussion everywhere. This is because recently some pictures of Shahid Kapoor are doing a lot in the media and are also spreading very fast, in which Shahid is seen in different style with the daughter of Bollywood’s famous actor Chunky Pandey. Let us give you complete information about these pictures in the article.

Shahid Kapoor is married, yet he is seen in a different style with Chunky Pandey’s daughter, this is the truth of the pictures

Who does not know Chunky Pandey today? This is because Chunky Pandey has given many superhit films in his era and has made a very good place in the hearts of the people. Chunky Pandey has also been the biggest actor of his time and even today people like him very much. Chunky Pandey also has a daughter named Ananya Pandey. At present, Chunky remains the subject of much discussion in social media and the reason for this is none other than his daughter Ananya herself.

This is because recently some pictures of Ananya have spread very fast in the media, in which Ananya is seen in a different style with Bollywood’s famous actor Shahid Kapoor. You all must know that Shahid Kapoor is married and then such different pictures of him with Ananya have come to the fore. In which he is seen in a different style with young actress Ananya Pandey. Let us introduce you to the truth of these pictures further in the article.

Ananya and Shahid looked completely different, this is the whole truth of their pictures

Till now all of you have come to know that recently two famous stars of Bollywood are in a lot of tide in the media and both are being talked about everywhere. This is because recently pictures of both of them have come out in which they are seen in a completely different style. Let us tell you that Shahid Kapoor is married, yet pictures of him with a young actress have come out in a different style. If you tell about the truth of the pictures, then let us tell you that these pictures are from an upcoming film of Shahid Kapoor and Ananya Pandey and both have taken such pictures due to the promotion of the film.

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